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We all fall off into a swimming pool of chocolate sometimes

Getting back on the wagon

Dieting is hard, no matter which way you do it. It’s easy to fall off the wagon now and again, and it’s entirely normal. Being in a calorie deficit sucks. It doesn’t matter how much you eat, if you’re in a deficit, you’re essentially starving yourself and your body doesn’t like it, neither does your brain.

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Living with a monster inside my head

How I manage migraines

Since it was Migraine Awareness Week last week, and I’ve been suffering migraines more than usual lately, I thought I’d share my tips for managing migraines. I’ve suffered with migraines since I was a child. Unfortunately, it’s not known exactly what causes migraines and there’s no cure but after spending over 20 years battling them, I’ve learnt a few tricks to manage these monsters somewhat.

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A soft, sweet cookie with a little protein kick

Apricot and almond protein cookies

A few weeks ago I bought some soft dried apricots from the supermarket to have as a snack at work. I’m generally not a fan of dried fruits but thought I’d try them as I love apricots. Anyway, I didn’t like them so not wanting to waste them, I decided to dice them up and put them in some cookies. Much better!

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A review of a lean meats and sports nutrition seller

MuscleFood review

I’d never heard of MuscleFood before until a few months ago when they started following me on Twitter. At first I thought they were just another protein company but then when I went on their website and saw they sold meat, I was really intrigued (TL;DR – order from them).

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